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D115 Community Message

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The Yorkville CUSD 115 community needs your assistance.

Over the past month, there has been a concerning increase in the number of students who are making poor life decisions and a decrease in the number of fellow students, parents, and community members willing to report these concerns.

As an organization of caring adults, uniquely qualified to provide these students with the necessary support and resources, we urge all members of the district community to share concerns about struggling students with school officials.

This is not about enforcing discipline. This is about helping our children successfully navigate adolescence without resorting to behaviors that ultimately result in self-harm.

As a community, these are all our children. When a child is hurt, or lost, it is not only the child’s family who grieves—it is also fellow classmates and other parents, teachers and school leaders, those in the community who knew the child, and those who simply empathize.  

So, why not say something? It is not enough to just discuss potential issues with a small group of friends or post general comments on a social media site. If you know of a child or teen who is headed down a dangerous path, please report it. You can make yourself known or report concerns anonymously; all we ask is that you care enough to make us aware.

Please personally reach out to a district or school employee, or contact the district through the “Y Not Say Something” tip line. The tip line is completely secure and confidential and can be accessed through:

All student safety reports to the district are investigated discreetly, and any necessary support and resources are provided.

We care about our students and community. The “We are Yorkville” mantra does not refer to just those who live within the city borders. “We are Yorkville” refers to all those who form our District 115 community—students, parents, local businesses, residents, alumni, partners, and those working in the schools. Please be an active part of the “We” and help our community grow stronger together.  

​​​​​​​The Yorkville CUSD 115 Board of Education & Administration