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Building Visitors

visitor Qr code Link to the health questionnaire: link 

Outside visitors, those who are not district employees, will need to be pre-approved prior to gaining access to a school building.

Visitors will be considered pre-approved if they have called the front office and had the purpose of their visit approved by school administration and completed the district’s daily health questionnaire. Pre-approved visitors will complete the daily health questionnaire by either scanning the visitor QR code (left and/or on the front door of the building),or by filling out a form in the main office. A thermometer will be available in the front office to complete the temperature check. After completing the questionnaire, the visitor will receive an approval “green check” to show to the office staff to allow admittance into the building. If approval is not received, the visitor will not be allowed access to the school building.

Once admittance is granted, pre-approved visitors shall:

• Wear a properly fitted mask at all times
• Use only the main door for entry and exit
• Properly wear and display the visitor lanyard and sticker/identification at all times
• Upon exit, return visitor credentials to the main office