• planning doc This summer, multiple committees were organized to determine how to give students and staff members the most optimal educational experience, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety during the 2020-21 school year. Within these discussions, the committees addressed educational interruptions due to a resurgence of COVID-19, and health and safety concerns if there were to be employees and/or students who contract the virus.

    The 2020-21 Transition Plan was approved by the District 115 Board of Education on July 27. Between July 28-31, Yorkville CUSD 115 families will be asked via email to select the learning model in the "Choice Scenario" below for their child(ren).

    Summary Documents: Each document contains a detailed description of how District 115 plans to provide educational services to students during the different phases of the governor's Restore Illinois Plan. The summaries provide brief explanations of the learning models available to students, and recommended student schedules for the three grade-level spans.

    Choice Scenario: Currently, Kendall County is in Phase 4, which will allow for the "Choice Scenario" below in which parents can select one of three learning models for their child(ren). This scenario would also be in place during the governor's Restore Illinois Plan Phase 5. Each learning model in the Choice Scenario includes the following options for each grade level: on-site, e-learning, and hybrid (combination of on-site and e-learning).  

    Choice Scenario (updated 7.27.20)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for District 115 Families (updated 7.26.20)

    Transition plans have also been created for situations in which Kendall County reverts to a more restrictive phase of the governor's plan 

    Limited Scenario: Allows students to either attend in an e-learning environment or through alternating attendance days on school campuses during the governor's Restore Illinois Plan Phase 3

    Restricted Scenario: Requires an all e-learning model for students during the governor's Restore Illinois Plan Phases 1 or 2

    Each scenario also includes contingency plans to adapt to intermittent changes throughout the school year that could force the district to switch directions based upon the health conditions of the state/region, the orders from the governor, and the future guidelines shared by the Illinois State Board of Education.

    “I know without reservation that nothing can replace the live interaction between students and adults, and that the quality of learning is the greatest when kids and staff are in our schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Tim Shimp. “We will spend our summer months ensuring that we use the feedback from our employees, administrators, and community members to improve all aspects of our schooling options; to support the health and social/emotional well-being of our students and employees; and to ensure any 2020-21 e-learning experience will be effective for teaching and learning in District 115.”

Team Leaders