• Other Parent Resources

     Funbrain Logo       Funbrain

    • Educational games
    • All subject areas
    • Grades K-8

    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence website logo.       Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

    • A clearinghouse of educational materials developed by government organizations
    • Primary sources, videos, and photos
    • Grades K-12

    Teacher Tube logo.       Teacher Tube

    • Instructional videos
    • Grades K-12

    Khan Academy logo.       Khan Academy

    • Practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard
    • Encourages learners to study at their own pace
    • Grades K-12

    National Geographic Kids logo.       National Geographic Kids

    • Games, puzzles, videos and photos
    • Grades K-6

    Wonderopolis logo.       Wonderopolis

    • Multidisciplinary daily content through a Wonder of the Day, curious question, written text, vocabulary words, graphic images, and videos 
    • Grades K-6

    Study Island logo.       Study Island

    • Reinforces math and reading
    • Login information available through the child’s teacher
    • Grades 4-7

    Education City logo.       Education City

    • Learning activities across six subject areas
    • Login information available through the child's teacher
    • Grades PK-6

    Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) logo.       Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

    • A quick resource guide regarding the MAP® assessment and a child’s results
    • https://www.nwea.org/resources/a-parents-guide-to-map/#sthash.aiTaVyAt.dpuf
    • Grades K-8

    NWEA College Explorer logo       NWEA College Explorer

    • College Explorer tool
    • Links student MAP Growth scores to colleges and universities based on the median ACT and SAT scores of students who were admitted and enrolled in those institutions
    • Grades 5-12

    Kahoot logo.       Kahoot!

    • A game-based learning platform
    • Grades K-12

    Quizizz logo.       Quizizz

    • Free "gamified" quizzes on multiple subjects
    • Grades K-12