• Are you stressed at work? Have you been “canvasing” Yorkville High School Academy in search of a place to “get away” during your lunch or prep period? Perhaps where everybody knows your name? And they are always glad you came? If the answer is yes, your library staff is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Vulpes (V1) faculty lounge.


    Located in the Academy Library Office, Vulpes (V1) offers a dedicated quiet, modern reading room environment for faculty and staff. In addition to study tables and lounge seating, the space includes wireless access, fireplace, refrigerator, telephone, microwave, topiaries, and three computer workstations.


    The V1 Faculty Lounge is for all Yorkville High School Academy faculty and staff.


    The V1 Faculty Lounge is accessible during the library’s regular hours of operation, (7:00am to 3:00pm).


    • The V1 Faculty Lounge may not be reserved. For information about reserving space in the library, visit our Schedules web page.
    • Do not remove furnishings from the V1 Faculty Lounge.
    • Library materials should not be left in the V1 Faculty Lounge.
    • Library is not responsible for personal items left in the V1 Faculty Lounge.