Yorkville Percussion Required Materials List

  • Grade 5

    • Vic Firth Drum Pad & Snare Drum Stand
    • Vic Firth SD 1 General Snare Drum Sticks
    • Yamaha Student Model Marimba (rentals available)
    • Mike Balter 12B Medium Hard Yarn Head Mallets
    • Malletech OR39B Hard Plastic Head Mallets (or Adams Stock Mallet)
    • music stand
    • stick bag

    Grade 6

    • all of the above +
    • Vic Firth T1 Timpani Mallets
    • Kratt Master Key Pitch Pipe (F to F in red case)
    • Vic Firth M5 Medium Hard Rubber Head Mallets

    Grade 7

    • all of the above +
    • a black hand towel
    • Mastering the Rudiments by Alan Keown (Technique Book)

    Grade 8

    • all of the above +
    • a variety of yarn (sets of four) and rubber mallets
    • Grade 9 –12 all of the above +
    • marching band sticks/mallets as needed
    • variety of snare drum sticks and timpani mallets appropriate for different types of playing (concert, marching, jazz, etc.)
    • variety of xylophone, marimba, and vibraphone mallets (all in sets of four).
    • accessories: tambourine, triangles, etc.

    This list contains the minimum requirements for all District 115 percussionists. If properly cared for the supplies purchased each year should last a long time, making it necessary to only purchase the current year’s listed equipment. It is very important that each student have a stick bag at all times to protect all sticks and mallets. It is hoped that the above items will form the foundation for a larger, more versatile collection of sticks, mallets, and accessories.

    See your band director for specific make and model recommendations for all sticks, mallets, and accessories.

    Other Information

    • There is a $33.00 per semester rental fee for all high school percussionists.