Parents and Teachers Talking Together

  • Mission: Promote excellence in Special Education by empowering family, staff, and students to effect positive change

    Vision: The vision of Parents and Teachers Talking Together (PT3) is that "all students can achieve." Therefore, the organization is committed to identifying and meeting the diverse needs of each student. PT3 members strive to demonstrate strength and compassion through their collaborative work and continuing education with families, students, community, and colleagues in order to promote each student's success.

    Goals: PT3 will achieve its mission and vision by supporting the following combined goals of District 115: 

    • Support the ongoing communication and teamwork of parents and faculty/staff
    • Enhance student development through school and community-based partnerships
    • Participate in the future vision and planning for all students
    • Increase opportunities for parent and staff training/development
    • Raise awareness and acceptance of the diverse needs of our community through education
    • Provide access and integration into the general education environment

    PT3 Intends to: 

    • Increase transparency in special education services ensuring consistency of practice, procedures, and philosophy
    • Enhance timely and relevant two-way communication among all District 115 stakeholders
    • Promote awareness of school programs, recognize accomplishments, and identify future needs
    • Support and provide opportunities for parent and staff education
    • Foster collaboration as a means to develop trust and understanding between parents and educators

    PT3 Committee Facilitation:

    The PT3 facilitators (parents and District 115 staff) effectively maintain the functioning of PT3. The facilitators will serve as liaisons for District 115. PT3 will include parents, community members, and educators.

    Responsibilities of the facilitators and member:

    • Attend monthly PT3 meetings
    • Recruit volunteers to assist and carry out the work of PT3
    • Develop committees to focus efforts on action items and communication
    • Promote the work and mission of PT3 throughout the community
    • Uphold the mission and goals of PT3
    • Serve through feedback, input, and recommendations