Citizens Advisory Council

  • The mission of the Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) is to improve the education in Yorkville School District 115 by advising the superintendent of educational and other issues facing the district.

    The goals of the council are to:

    • Study and discuss problems, issues, and questions in public education of concern to the school district. Results are reported to district administration and/or Board of Education.
    • Advise the district administration regarding policies of the district.
    • Facilitate cooperation and communication in educational affairs between the schools/school district and the community.

    CAC Membership & Meetings

    The Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) annually accepts new member applications in the spring. 

    Applications are reviewed and those chosen for election to the council are contacted in advance of the start of the following school year.

    Members are elected to three-year terms. The council typically meets the first Thursday of each month during the school year from 6-8 p.m. Any changes to meeting frequency or dates/times will be communicated in advance of the school year. Child care is NOT provided and members are expected to make their own arrangements in order to attend meetings.

    Attendance at meetings is critical to the council’s success and members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. Those not attending may be subject to removal from the council.