Y115 Transportation Services

    Septran, Inc.
    15 S. Cannonball
    Bristol, IL 60512
    (630) 553-0435
    Parents who require additional information about their child's bus schedule may contact Septran (630) 553-0435. Bus concerns should generally be voiced with Septran. In the event problems are not resolved successfully, parents may contact their child's building principal. 


    Release Date for 2017-2018 Bus Stop Information:

    District-wide bus stop locations and times will be released via the Yorkville CUSD 115 Home Access Center (HAC), which will be available at https://hac.y115.org/homeaccess, on August 11, 2017.

    Through its partnership with Septran, the District works to ensure accurate routing information for its families. Due to ongoing registration there may be instances after August 11 in which a change in bus stop location or pick-up/drop-off time may occur. In these instances, changes in route times and/or locations will be communicated to the families of all impacted students.

    Thank you for your patience as routes are reviewed, proofed, and finalized.

    Contact Information

    After August 11, if you have any questions regarding specific information about bus stop locations, times, or routes, please call Septran at 630-553-0435.

    Transportation Change Request:

    Any requests for a change in transportation service (e.g., day care needs) for the school year must be submitted to the District by completing the Contact Transportation Form.