Department of Student Services

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    Our mission is to provide a meaningful and rigorous education for all students.

    Academic success for most individuals requires more than simply taking classes. An effective education is tied to the purpose of learning related to life enrichment as well as future life goals and educational attainment. In addition to specialized instruction, Student Services encompasses a variety of supports so as to promote effective academic achievement. Educational/career planning (counselor services), related services (social work services, psychological services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language support) and health services all encompassed within the Student Services organization.

    • Health Related Services
    • Physical therapy
    • Therapeutic Services 
    • Nursing support/health intervention
    • Special Education Services
    • Social work services
    • Psychological services
    • Social Emotional Learning
    • Autism

    • Career Development and Educational Planning
    • School safety
    • Early Childhood
    • Occupational therapy
    • Parent Resources
    • 504
    • Health
    • ADHD parent information
    • Erin’s Law (Opt Out Form)
    • Parent/School Collaboration related to School Anxiety
    • Topics tied directly to Student Services
  • Department Staff
    Hassan von Schlegell, Ph.D.
    Director of Student Services
    630-553-4382 Ext. 4715
    Melinda Lasky
    Assistant Director of Student Services
    630-553-4382 Ext. 6428
    Sarah Gorges
    Administrative Assistant
    630-553-4382 Ext. 6390
    Denise McCarthy
    Health and Student Service Coordinator
    630-553-4382 Ext. 6510
    Sarah Cannon
    Elementary Student Services Coordinator
    Ext. 6502
    Pete Marcelo
    Elementary Student Services Coordinator
    Ext. 6534
    Kim Hanson
    YMS Assistant Principal of Student Services 
    630-553-4544 ext 6335

    Megan Martinez
    YHS Associate Principal of Student Services 
    630-553-4380 ext. 4168
    Emma McGuire
    YHS Educational Services Department Chair
    630-553-4380 ext. 4078