Health Services

  • The nurses in District 115 assist students through direct services and through consultation with staff, family, and administration. Nurses support all aspects of health and safety in the school community. They provide emergency care, facilitate access to school health care, and identify and manage health issues in the school that impede student learning. Every school health office is staffed with a registered nurse to provide continuous health care during the school day. Such care includes:

    • Providing care and first aid for illness and injury at school
    • Maintaining the school’s communicable disease prevention and control program
    • Providing health information and counseling for students, parents, and staff
    • Safely storing, administering, documenting, and monitoring the effectiveness of medication given at school
    • Identifying students with special health concerns and developing health care plans with students and families
    • Maintaining accurate records to assure compliance with state mandates including immunizations, physical examinations, and medical conditions
    • Providing health programs as required and needed including education and screenings for vision, hearing, and dental health
    • Being a resource for health and wellness for classroom teachers, staff, and parents while providing expertise on health information and curriculum
    • Communicating with students, families, staff, and community agencies to identify and provide services and programs to meet the physical and mental health needs of children and families
    • Collaborating with school multidisciplinary teams including a psychologist, social worker, and other specialists to identify and provide health information, services, modifications, and plans for students
    • Participating as crisis team members and providing crisis intervention for students and staff in the event of sudden illness or injury

    Please call the Student Services Department at 630-553-4382 for additional information regarding health services.