Transportation Services

Image of the Yorkville Fox on the stairs of the bus
  • Septran logo Yorkville CUSD 115's transportation services are provided by Septran, Inc. Septran's local transportation center is located within District 115's boundaries, in Bristol. Bus concerns should generally be directed to Septran at 630-553-0435. In the event issues are not resolved successfully, parents/guardians may contact their child's building principal.

    Parents/Guardians who require additional information about their child(ren)'s bus schedule (including bus stop locations or times) can find this information within Home Access Center


    School Bus Safety

    Drivers sharing the road with school buses are urged to help protect the lives of students by obeying bus stop arm laws. By law, drivers must stop on the street or highway 20 feet or more from any school bus that is stopped and is flashing its red warning lights. This applies to vehicles approaching from the rear and from opposing lanes (unless on a four-lane roadway), as well as in school parking lots. To help enforce this safety initiative, the district has one or more school buses equipped with an automated traffic law enforcement system (bus stop arm cameras).


    Transportation Change Request

    Any requests for a change in transportation service for the school year (e.g., day care needs) must be submitted to the district by completing the Transportation Inquiry Form.


    Transportation Decision Tree

    District 115 uses a Transportation Decision Tree to determine which residences within District 115 qualify for busing services and how bus stop locations are determined.