I will not settle.
    I will fully commit.
    I can be counted on.
    I will do the right thing.
    I am one part of one whole.
    I will do my job and play my role.
    I will make mistakes at 100% effort.
    I will take pride in everything that I do.
    I will learn to have discipline on and off the court.
    I am in 100% control of my attitude and my effort.
    I will earn my playing time through my practice time.
    I know the difference between “hard-nosed” & “hard-headed.”
    I promise to give a perfect effort. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    I will trust my teammates, my coaches, and myself.
    I will always play tough, but never play dirty.
    I will fight through adversity and persevere.
    I will respect all opponents and fear none.
    I understand it isn’t supposed to be easy.
    When I win, I will do so with respect.
    When I lose, I will do so with class.
    I will always rise up.
    I will never give up.  

    I am, forever, a FIGHTING FOX.

Athletic Fox Head
  • Athletic Department

    Yorkville Middle School
    920 Prairie Crossing Drive
    Yorkville, IL 60560
    Twitter: @ymsathact

    Athletic Director

    Lauren Hoppensteadt

    Athletic Administrative Assistant

    Kris Mikuta




    Yorkville Athletic Mission:

    To apply education and athletics to develop well-rounded student-athletes who value academics; take pride in the Foxes community; display the core values of teamwork, positive attitudes, and work ethic; and are people of high character.