• It is a true blessing to serve as the principal of Yorkville High School, the home of the Fighting Foxes.  At Yorkville High School we embrace our district vision of cultivating learners who apply skills and experiences to enrich society by providing a first-class comprehensive educational experience that meets the needs for all students.  We continually work to achieve this through standards driven instruction offered in a nurturing environment. Our goal is to give our students the skills and competencies to make their post-secondary education dreams a reality.  We accomplish this mission by creating an individualized plan that promotes success for each student.  

    Our curriculum promotes learning through well-articulated, rigorous instructional courses and programs.  Our comprehensive academic offerings include Advanced Placement courses, as well as dual credit college and vocational offerings.  We also offer our students a chance to explore a wide variety of electives including: world language studies; music, fine arts; and a variety of career and technical related courses.  Moreover, we encourage our students to expand their educational horizons via blended coursework and field experiences such as internships, job shadowing, and extended learning opportunities.

    Complementing our curriculum is our rich and varied co-curricular activities with multi-level athletic programs and clubs. Our sports teams have competitions ranging for beginners to those vying for state championships. We have an exceptionally vibrant fine arts program where students can explore and develop their talents in art, vocal music, and band. Whatever a student’s interests, there are activities in which he or she will prosper.

    Finally, a school does not exist by itself and cannot be successful by itself. As an educator, I fully understand that the true engine of student success starts in the home.  It is you that has the most profound effect on your child’s pursuit of excellence.  However, in order for our students to reach their full potential, a productive and positive collaboration between the home and the school must blossom. Only when the students, teachers, and parents work towards common goals is true success achieved. We look forward to your continued involvement and collaboration in your child’s education as we prepare our students for the challenges of the coming years.

    With Pride,
    David S. Travis