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    Yorkville School District 115 believes that integrating technology into the everyday learning environment is vital to the teaching and learning process. Our District is served by an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) who will provide learning opportunities to teachers in order to utilize technology to enhance and personalize instruction in and out of the classroom. The ITS creates materials in a variety of learning modes (video, hands-on, document-based) for teachers, and presents training sessions across the District in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings. Teachers use educational technology to support the delivery of instructional content and to provide additional opportunities for students to engage with the learning process. TOSA's or Teachers on Special Assignment, have been added to the staff to assist in a variety of areas.

    TOSAs for the 2017-2018 are:

    Jim Wolf - Technology Integration/1:1Project Manager wwolf@y115.org

    Jen Waldvogel - Technology Integration jwaldvogel@y115.org

    Nate Campbell - Technology Integration ncampbell@y115.org

    Kevin Bannon - Assessment & Data Analysis kbannon@y115.org

    Andrea Flodberg - Strategic Planning aflodberg@y115.org

    Meghan Kerr  - Strategic Planning mkerr@y115.org

    Kimber Larson - Curriculum Development klarson@y115.org

    Instructional Technology Specialist

    Nancy Ascolani - Apple iPads and Apps purchases, Mimio, Starboard, New Teacher training nascolani@y115.org 

    News - Trainings
    Note:These trainings were used at the Teacher Institute Days as a reference for teachers 
    Google Drive 101       
    Google Docs 101        
  • Chromebooks  Chromebooks and 1:1


    What is the SAMR model? Learn about transforming your teaching for your students here.

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