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Yorkville school district believes that integrating technology into the everyday learning environment is vital to the teaching and learning process. Our District is served by an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) who will provide learning opportunities to teachers in order to utilize technology to enhance and personalize instruction in and out of the classroom. The ITS creates materials in a variety of learning modes (video, hands-on, document-based) for teachers, and presents training sessions across the District in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings. Teachers use educational technology to support the delivery of instructional content and to provide additional opportunities for students to engage with the learning process. TOSA's or Teachers on Special Assignment, have been added to the staff this year to assist in a variety of areas. 

News - Trainings
Note:These trainings were used at the Teacher Institute Days as a reference for teachers 
Google Drive 101       
Google Docs 101        


Welcome to Canvas: First Look Note: This webinar was recorded so best to view in full view. 
Check out these videos to learn more about Canvas:
What's Happening?
Using Google Forms as a beginning of the year tool, originally shared by Jennifer Cauthers  
Global Class Connects  connects you with educators around the world.
Where to start with projects? Check out this free curriculum with helpful videos for grades 7-12 from CS Cohort Community.
Need some new ideas? Check out the Recharge Learning Blog Blog by Steve Wick. 
What to use videos in your class and make them count? Check out EdPuzzle and this teacher testimonial concerning Accountability.
Want to learn more about MakerSpaces? Check out this Impact of MakerSpaces
Do you know about EdTech? If you don't you should, check out the impact report EdTech  
Do you have great things going on in your classroom or your building? We would love to hear about them so they can be shared with other professionals. If you want to share email Nancy Ascolani at nascolani@y115.org. 
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