Find the Fox Scavenger Hunt

  • photo of fox


    Join in the fun and be entered to win! 

    October 5-9, 2020


       1. Use the clues to locate participating businesses

       2. Take a photo with the fox displayed in the window

       3. Post photos on social media using #WeAreYorkville

       4. Submit photos to the district by October 11 to be entered into a drawing for prizes by using this form:

Clues - Restaurants

  • Site #1

    • Delicious butter burgers made to order
    • We have a unique blue roof
    • Shaped like a cone but I do have a face

    Site #2

    • Find yourself thirsty? In need of a pop? Jet on over to Ye Olde Shoppe.
    • Don’t know what’s for dinner? You’re in luck!! Fly by and visit our latest food truck!
    • From IPAs to root beer, our selection is first-class; Bring Fido to our patio while you sip a tall glass.

    Site #3

    • "Southside" Fan Favorite; not located on the south side
    • Everybody's "Crabby" on Saturday
    • Boy Meets Girl

    Site #4

    • We have been making one of the the most popular foods in the world for more than 20 years in Yorkville
    • We make something that smells cheesy, but it's not a pair of socks; it is a food that is sliced, and delivered in a box
    • We are located near Menards

    Site #5

    • Longest running pizza place in Kendall County
    • Ace in the Hole
    • The Duke's favorite fries

    Site #6

    • Waterfront dining
    • Special occasion dinners from Homecoming to Daddy Daughter Dance
    • It's not Old Fashioned, but you can find one there

    Site #7

    • Home of Hog Wings
    • Foxy Sign
    • Fish watching

    Site #8

    • Yellow
    • No ketchup on this food
    • Menu full of Chicago style classics

    Site #9

    • Fox & Pig ride in a canoe
    • Riverview patio
    • Slow smoked

    Site #10

    • Find delectable delights
    • Last taste of an event
    • Sweet shop

    Site #11

    • Find a giant ice cream cone outside
    • Pig on the sign
    • Dinner from a wood pit

     Site #12

    • How does a chicken drive a car? He wings it.
    • What day do chickens hate most? Fry-days.
    • Why did the chicken join the band? Because he had the drums!

     Site #13

    •  We love Rock & Roll
    • Our burgers were on Chicago's Best
    • We have some over-the-top amazing milkshakes

    Site #14

    • 10 gallon hat
    • We have the meat
    • No burgers here

    Site #15

    • Singed container gathering
    • Local fare & crafted spirits
    • Dessert is on fire

    Site #16

    • Simple elegance
    • Beverages for morning or night
    • Farmhouse decor

Clues - Community Sites

  • Site #17

    • Foxes' Home Base
    • Center on Center
    • Rear Window Movie (Theater)

    Site #18

    • A loud sound will alert you to our southside location
    • We have extra big doors for our extra big trucks
    • We sometimes use a pole instead of the stairs 

    Site #19

    • Our telephone number is 3 digits
    • We’re always open
    • We have a star on our shirts