September 25, 2020

  • Learning Model Survey & Update

    Yorkville CUSD 115 Families,

    Next week will mark our first 30 days in school for the 2020-21 school year, and we have a number of achievements to celebrate:

    • Our families were provided with a choice regarding how their children attend school.
    • District 115 employees continue to support students’ physical and emotional well-being in addition to their academic growth.
    • The COVID-19 pandemic has not spread throughout the district or closed our schools.
    • Fellow parents have been diligent about ensuring their children are healthy and can be on our campuses.
    • District leadership and the Board of Education continue to work towards maintaining a balanced budget.  

    However, I am also the first to admit that there have been bumps in the road and continued adjustments are necessary. To assist the district in this regard, I am asking our families to complete the survey below by Friday, October 2. The purpose of the survey is two-fold. First, it will help district and building leadership identify areas for improvement within all three learning models—on-site, e-learning and hybrid. Second, it will provide the district with data regarding the future learning model preferences of our families.

    Prior to the beginning of the school year, parents were asked to choose a learning model for their child(ren) with the understanding that the district would review the programming options at the end of the first quarter (Oct. 23). The hope was that students would be allowed to change learning models after the nine weeks, while the district continued to follow the state’s health and safety guidelines.

    Unfortunately, without a change in the governor’s attendance restrictions (distancing restrictions for large gatherings), our district will be unable to increase the number of students on our school campuses at the end of the first quarter. Therefore, all students (on-site, hybrid, and e-learners) must maintain their current learning model for the second quarter.

    Currently, the majority of our schools are at full-student capacity, with only a few openings available at specific schools/grade levels. Because of this, the district has set up a waiting list for students who have an identified need to change learning models. Parents who would like their children considered for a change in learning models are asked to indicate the need for the change on the survey. The survey responses will be reviewed in order to create a district-wide, needs-based waiting list with requests filled as space allows.    

    I will provide you with another update prior to the end of the second quarter (winter break) regarding the status of our attendance options and if state restrictions will allow us to welcome additional students to either the on-site or hybrid models. In the survey below, parents are asked to identify the learning model preference for their child(ren) to help the district prepare for this future scenario in which state guidelines allow for more students to attend school on campus.

    I, like most parents, anxiously await the day when all our students can return to our buildings. Until then, be proud of what this community has done to bring a sense of normalcy to an unusual school year.

    Dr. Tim Shimp
    Superintendent of Schools