Camp Imagination

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    Three interest-based camp options will be held for students in a virtual format. Students will need to be able to access Google Classroom, Zoom and a simple recording device (computer, cell phone, iPad) to participate in the camps. Questions? Contact Gifted Education & Extended Learning Opportunity Coordinator Tracey Hosey at


    Virtual American Sign Language 

    Did you know that sign language is the fourth most studied language in the United States? Come and learn the beautiful language of sign. Learning a second language of any type has been proven to be a true brain booster as it enriches and enhances cognitive processes.


    Camp Structure:

    This camp will provide 1 hour of daily direct instruction using Zoom and 1 hour of skill practice via Google Classroom.  This interactive environment will be fun and engaging. Students will be provided with videos to watch and specific skills to practice. They will upload videos of themselves for the teacher to review, and will receive individualized coaching and feedback.  

    Grades:               Grades 3-8 (Maximum 20 students)

    Dates:                 June 1-5 

    Times:                 10 am - 11 am (direct instruction); plus 1-hour of student practice*

    Cost:                    $15 in-district students/ $25 out-of-district students


    *Student practice time is flexible. Teacher will assign 1 hour of work which should be done before the next session. 

    Virtual Fox Theater Jr. 

    This catchy musical was created to be performed online! Beat by Beat Press has risen to the challenge to create an entertaining virtual theater for future thespians. The Show Must Go ONLINE: A frazzled drama teacher sends a video message to her students from her home office, announcing that their production of Brushes with Greatness: The Dental Hygiene Musical has been canceled. She tries to hang up, but accidentally leaves the camera running, as she receives a phone call from the principal who tells her: without the musical, the drama program will be shut down. 


    Camp Structure

    This fun camp will provide 1 hour of whole group, direct instruction and 1 hour of small group and individualized coaching. 

    Grades:               3-6 (Maximum 40 students)

    Dates:                 June 1-12

    Times:                 10 am -12 pm

    Cost:                    $25 in-district students/ $35 out-of-district students


    Battle of the Books

    Join YMS Library in Summer in Battler of the Books and Reading Bingo with two sets of bingo cards to play. Each Thursday, we will Zoom to play Bingo. One bingo card features the 2020 YMS Battle of the Books and the other will feature 25 favorite YMS graphic novels. All books will be available on Sora (our digital library platform) and limited lending from YMS library once a week too. Books from both cards will be called during the Zoom call. Official Bingo cards and stickers will be mailed to students who sign up by May 28, 2020.

    Hey Middle School students. Do you want to sign up for Battle of the Books?  Click here

    YMS Library Summer Reading Room

    Camp Structure

    Grades:               6-8 (Entering grades 7-9)

    Dates:                 June 1 - July 30

    Times:                 Thursday 10 am - 11 am

    Cost:                    Free

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