• E-learning Days may be used in place of emergency days in order to ensure that learning is continuous and uninterrupted. District 115 believes that students can learn, regardless of whether or not they are physically in a school building. Student attendance will be based on digital check-in procedures.  Coursework will be communicated digitally through Google Classroom (grades 3-6) and Canvas (grades 7-12). 

    Purpose of E-learning

    • To provide meaningful, independent learning activities that occur outside of the physical school environment
    • To allow students an opportunity to continuously engage in course curriculum and apply content area skills
    • To provide opportunities for virtual collaboration and independent practice
    • To apply emerging technological skills, employ various modes of learning, and share ideas and thoughts virtually
    • To allow students opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to be: creative, adaptive, independent, collaborative, analytical, and socially & globally responsible

    E-learning Activities

    • Content specific lessons that students can complete using technology and resources that can be accessed outside of school
    • Skills based lessons that support curriculum outcomes
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