Determining the Future of Public Education in Y115

Evolution 115

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    Evolution 115 logo It is almost unfathomable how much our world has changed in the past 20-30 years. So many daily activities have evolved over time—how we manage our households (personal home assistants), the way we bank (online, ATMs), the manner in which we communicate (computers, Internet, texting), and the way we interact with those in our world (cell phones, email, social media). However, with all that has evolved, many adults still envision public education as a classroom teacher instructing a group of 25-30 students who are sitting in rows of desks alongside of their same-age peers. Shouldn’t we expect advancements in our public education system equal to those seen in society?

    In school districts across the nation, an educational revolution is occurring. It’s not just what students learn that is changing, but how they learn, and in turn, how they are taught. The “sage-on-the-stage” view of teaching is giving way to a “guide-on-the-side” style that supports a personalized approach and empowers students to advocate for their own learning. It is a change in which one’s birthday does not dictate the level to which he or she can learn, but the student’s ability and desire to advance in his or her knowledge and career pathway.


    So what does all of this mean for the future of public education in Yorkville CUSD 115?

    Since October, district leadership has collaborated with its architects on a long-term facility usage plan called “EVOLUTION 115.” EVOLUTION 115 is a plan that assesses the district’s buildings, enrollment projections, and educational programming to determine how to use and improve the district’s schools to support the best practices in teaching and learning. The district will host a series of community meetings throughout the EVOLUTION 115 process, allowing community members to learn more about the existing school facilities and future aspirations, and provide feedback to shape the plan. 

    This transition from determining a child’s educational options using only enrollment numbers and a school’s square footage, to focusing on advanced teaching and learning methods within an appropriate school environment, will allow the district to address its facilities in a holistic and fiscally-responsible manner. EVOLUTION 115 will build upon the facility assessment results to develop a plan for innovative, flexible spaces that evolve with learners and the community’s vision for education in Yorkville CUSD 115.



    The D115 school community is a vital part of this process. Please attend the meetings, review the presentations, participate in the surveys and let your opinions be heard! These are the community's schools and district leadership is dedicated to working together to meet the needs of current and future students. 

EVOLUTION 115 Newsletter 2.2020

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

2.20.19 Community Meeting

1.9.19 Community Meeting

Core Team Members


    Dr. Lynn Burks
    Tom Kozlowicz


    Jorge Ayala
    Kristen Fapp
    Ryan Forristall
    Anthony Hansen
    Jody Perona
    Amy Surprenant
    Lauren Vaclavik


    Jenna Ardelean
    Brett Assell
    Allison Briddell
    Leslie Erb
    Jim Higgins
    Tracey Hosey
    Meghan Kerr
    Sarah Marker
    Mike McHugh
    Steph McHugh
    Kelly Mercurio
    Julie Peffley
    Jim Wolf


    Ryan Adkins
    Lisa Adler
    Dr. Nick Baughman
    Heather DiVerde
    Emily Lech
    Dr. Pete Marcelo
    Dr. Tim Shimp