Title 1 funding - Every Student Succeeds Act

  • Title I is a federally funded program which provides supplemental funds to schools. Title I programs are designed to help students achieve proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards, and to assist eligible students to meet their educational goals. Yorkville School District 115's Title I programs are designed to help provide early intervention support at the K - 8 level. Funds are distributed to schools that have the highest poverty rate and will support services and programs that focus on children who are failing or who are most at risk of failing to meet state and academic standards. Schools qualify for Schoolwide Title I funding if the low-income rate of the school is above 40%. Schools that have a poverty rate below 40%, but have the highest poverty rate in the district may qualify for Targeted Assisted Title I funds. All of the Yorkville Schools that have qualified for Title I, have qualified as Targeted Assisted Schools.


    Which D115 Schools are Title I?

    • Yorkville Middle School
    • Yorkville Intermediate School
    • Circle Center Grade School
    • Yorkville Grade School
    • Autumn Creek Elementary School


    How are Title I Funds Used? 

    These funds can be used to improve instructional services, promote parental involvement, increase staffing, improve programming, and provide for instructional resources. Title I programs work in conjunction with other district, state and federal programs to improve achievement in the schools.  For more detailed information, contact the Title I school principal to learn how the funds are being applied in each school.