GRES Parking Lot Instructions

  • It is imperative that everyone in the GRES school community follow the procedures and the directions of staff members to ensure a safe arrival and dismissal for students. It is each driver’s responsibility to drive in a slow and cautious manner. Every family following these procedures ensures that all students make it to and from school safely and timely. 


    • Student supervision starts at 8:20 a.m. with the teachers and administrators posted in front of the school building. The school doors are locked at all times; students will be allowed to wait in the lobby only on days of inclement weather. Please arrive as close to 8:20 a.m. as possible.
    • Each car must wait in the car line. Cars should pull as far up to the front as possible, to keep the line moving. Students need to be ready to exit their cars in an efficient manner.
    • Students should exit their cars on the passenger side, not in the traffic lane.
    • Adults should remain in their cars while in the car line.
    • The drop off zone has painted yellow curbing and is marked by green plastic flagmen. Please use the entire loading zone to keep the line moving.
    • If it is necessary for a child to be escorted by an adult to the school door, the they must park in a designated space in the parking lot and use the crosswalk. Only handicapped persons should park in the handicapped parking spaces. No one should be parked in a "no parking zone" or on the grass. Students should not be dropped off in the parking lot unless the car is parked in a parking space and the student is walked to the crosswalk by a parent/guardian.
    • Use of a cell phone, smoking, and pets are NOT ALLOWED.


    • Parents must wait for their child(ren) in the car rider line or a designated parking space. Do not park in front of the parking gates by the gym or along the grassy area, as day care buses use that area. Students will use the entire length of the “loading zone.”
    • Parents and students must use the crosswalk when accessing the parking lot.
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