Alternative Education Program

  • What is an Alternative Education Program?

    Yorkville CUSD 115's Alternative Education Program (AEP) is part of legislation called Regional Safe Schools Program (RSSP), which is funded by Yorkville CUSD 115 and the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the Grundy/Kendall Regional Office of Education. This program serves the needs of at-risk students in preschool through grade 12. 


    The purpose of the AEP program is to provide safer schools by providing alternatives to students who do not fit into the regular school program, primarily because of behavior or attendance issues.

    Mission Statement

    To provide each student with a challenging educational environment that allows for individual differences and learning styles while promoting a desire to learn, and empowering each student to take appropriate risks and accept challenges in an effort to inspire each student to become a contributing member of society.

    Program Eligibility

    Students who are referred to RSSP (Regional Safe Schools Program) must meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Involved in misconduct that can be demonstrated as serious, repetitive and/or cumulative
    • Suspended at least twice (2) for a period of 4-10 days for gross misconduct as defined by the YHS discipline handbook
    • Eligible for expulsion
    • Expelled and administratively transferred
    • Arrested by police and/or remanded to juvenile or criminal courts for school-related acts
    • Returning from a juvenile corrections facility
    • Transfers to YHS from another RSSP program
    • Previously been remediated at least once by the school

    Other circumstances may be considered on an individual basis contingent upon space availability. Under no circumstances will students not meeting the prescribed criteria be admitted if it adversely affects the teacher-pupil ratio.


    In a small computer lab within Yorkville High School.

    Individualized Optional Education Plan

    Development of an Individualized Optional Education Plan (IOEP) will be developed for each student in the program. Similar to a special education Individualized Education Plan (IEP), the IOEP will help direct the educational program for each student.

    Daily Schedule

    Students in the Alternative Education program will meet daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Schedules may be adjusted on an individual basis.

    AEP Curriculum

    The AEP curriculum will be offered through a computer program called Edginuity. The program will adjust and add to the curriculum in order to provide an appropriate education that will meet the standards of Yorkville High School.

    Additional Services

    Students in the program have access to a counselor, social worker, and/or psychologist at Yorkville High School, on an as-needed basis.

    AEP Benefits

    • Provides an educational alternative that will help students become successful in the future by allowing them an opportunity to earn a diploma.
    • Removes the threatening or potentially dangerous students from the mainstream of the educational program while still providing them an education. 
    • Provides an educational environment for students who would otherwise not be allowed to complete their education due to disciplinary issues.
    • Provides an educational environment for students who are truant or have attendance issues and would otherwise drop out of school.