2024-25 Returning Student Registration

  • There are a few ways existing district families can activate their Parent VUE account to proceed to Returning Student Registration.

    Option 1 (preferred option): Activate Account using Email


    1. The parent/guardian will navigate to the email sent on 2/27/24 or later and click on the link within the email, which will look like this:


    The parent/guardian will land here and must accept the privacy statement to continue.

    Next, the parent/guardian must create a username and password.


     After clicking Complete Account Activation, the parent/guardian will land on the ParentVUE homepage. At this point, the parent/guardian has activated his/her ParentVUE account.


    To proceed with registration, the parent/guardian needs to click on the “Online Registration” tab in the upper right.

    Next, the parent/guardian will land directly on the Online Registration homepage and will need to select the Online Registration packet applicable to their respective student(s).

    Important Note: The parent/guardian must complete the registration for the proper school year. If the parent/guardian registers a student for the incorrect school year, the registration cannot be transferred to the correct year and the parent/guardian will need to submit a new registration for the correct school year. 

    Here is an example of the welcome page of a registration packet:

    Option 2: Activate Account 

    1. The parent/guardian click on this LINK to activate account
    1. The parent/guardian selects “Request Account Activation” (Pink Key icon). 

    To activate the parent account, the parent/guardian information entered must match the information previously provided to the district. As an example, if the name in eSchool was listed as Don vs Donald, Don must be entered into the first name field.

    Next, the parent/guardian will receive an email similar to the one above to proceed to online registration.