Daily Health Questionnaire

  • All students who will be on-site at a district school will be required to complete an electronic daily health questionnaire prior to arriving to school to determine whether or not he/she has a fever or any COVID-19 related symptoms. Parents will receive a daily email at 6 a.m. with a link to the daily questionnaire. A record of the health questionnaire results automatically will be sent to the school. Daily student absences still need to be communicated via the attendance phone line. Parents will be asked to report the reason for the absence as the health department tracks COVID-19 and flu-like symptoms. 

    Student QR code If a parent does not receive/cannot access the daily email, he/she can use their phone to scan the QR code (pictured, left) to access the health questionnaire. All attempts should be made to use the district-issued questionnaire that was emailed to students, as the general QR code does not automatically link to the students' school identification.  

    If the district-provided health questionnaire was not submitted prior to arrival at the school, an adult will take the student to a designated area to take his/her temperature and help the student complete the health questionnaire before being allowed access to the school building.

    • Certified (Green Check Mark) - After completing the questionnaire, a green check mark will appear if the student is allowed to enter a school building. The green check mark (designating approval to be on-site) should be shown to school staff when the student arrives on the school campus. The green check mark can be displayed on the phone/device (in the email or saved to photos), or it can be printed. A student who took the questionnaire but does not have the ability to display the green check mark will need to check in with a staff member so the results can be looked up and verified before the student is allowed into the building.
    • Not Certified (Red Text) - Students who are showing COVID-19 symptoms will receive a notification in response to the questionnaire stating, in red, "PLEASE STAY HOME AND CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL NURSE." This student will not be allowed on school campus and should call the school to report the absence. If a student is recorded as being non-certified, but still shows up to school, he/she will be immediately quarantined and the parents/guardians will be called to pick the child up from school.


    Late Student Drop Off

    Individuals dropping off a student to school after the final bell has rung should pull up to the main entrance, remain in the vehicle, and call the school’s main office number to notify a staff member of the late arrival. An employee will walk out to the vehicle to greet the student and escort him/her into the building, avoiding parent entry to the building for customary sign in procedures. The procedure will be as follows:

    1. The parent/guardian or transporter of the student should make his/her best effort to complete the daily health questionnaire prior to arriving at school.
    2. The parent/guardian or transporter of the student, upon arrival, will call the school’s main office number to notify a staff member that he/she is present and is dropping off the student.
    3. A staff member will meet the student at the vehicle and confirm if the daily health questionnaire is completed. If the screening is not completed, the parent or guardian will be required to complete the process prior to the student entering the school building. The health questionnaire can be accessed through the daily email sent to families. If someone other than the parent/guardian brings the student to school, the QR code near the front entrance of the school must be scanned to complete a questionnaire before he/she will be allowed to enter. School staff members will be available to support the student in completing the questionnaire.