Physical Distancing

  • All students and employees who are in school buildings will be required to maintain six feet of physical distance whenever possible. Distancing floor decals that are spaced six feet apart and directional markings are present throughout the buildings (locations vary by building and grade-level span).

    Elementary and middle school students will be led through the hallways by staff members. Transition times in between middle school and high school classes have been either staggered or extended to limit the number of students in the hallway at one time to accommodate physical distancing, as well as to allow for the cleaning of student work stations in the classrooms. At the high school, passing periods are extended to 10 minutes and routes of travel have been put in place. Pathways on the exterior of the building have been designated to accommodate physical distancing practices and alleviate hallway traffic at YHSA and YHS. Weather permitting, PE classes will be held outside. The PE department developed lessons and activities that allow for distance between students whenever possible. Academic classes will be held outside when possible. The district will use spaces in the building and maximize outdoor spaces for band/orchestra, choir, and physical education courses. At the high school level, every effort has been made to have students from the same ensemble in attendance on the same days, and practices have been designed to maintain physical distancing guidelines.

    Through modeling and social stories, education and training on physical distancing will be provided by student services personnel to students in the early childhood, STARS, and LASP programs. The IEP teams will meet on a case-by-case basis to support students who are struggling with following the physical distancing protocols.