Fire & Ambulance

  • Bristol Kendall Fire Protection District

    BKFD offers both firefighting and emergency medical services to area residents.

Law Enforcement

  • Local Police and Emergency

    • Call 911 - for significant emergencies.

    • If you are concerned about the wellness of someone, you can call the non-emergency police phone number (630-553-4340) for a wellness check.

    Kendall County Courthouse

    Kendall County Courthouse Temporary Email Order for conducting court business during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Proposed orders via email will be accepted for civil proceedings (including divorce and family cases). For all currently scheduled matters, counsel for the parties are encouraged to consult with one another regarding the status of the case and as to what can reasonably be accomplished before the next status date. The attorneys should then submit a proposed agreed case management order directly to the assigned judge.

    • All emails to the court (including Agreed Orders) shall be sent to all attorneys of record, or if unrepresented, to the party of record, and the subject line of the email shall include the case number and short case caption.

    • There shall be no prohibition on the filing of an otherwise valid motion or pleading. If it is critically necessary to schedule an appearance in court to address a motion or pleading, such as emergency matters, counsel may email the court to request permission to notice the matter up for hearing. If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter may proceed to hearing on the date scheduled by the court. 

    • CourtCall is available in certain courtrooms and counsel are encouraged to utilize CourtCall in lieu of a personal appearance. An standing order relative to the use of CourtCall is available for viewing on the Circuit Clerk's website.

    • The court may elect to approve in court appearances involving one or more self-represented litigants.