Face to Face

  • Supplies & Resources Considerations

    District 115 will maintain a health related inventory of the following PPE:

    • Adult disposable masks
    • Child size masks (as spare/backups for students who do not bring their own)
    • Face shields 
    • A medical note from a licensed healthcare provider is required to use a face shield as an alternative to a mask
    • Rubber gloves (medical grade and custodial grade)
    • Disposable vomit bags
    • Medical grade disposable gowns
    • Touch free thermometers at each school building, access to hand sanitizer, disinfectant, facial tissues, and emergency albuterol. 

    Reporting Considerations

    Parents/Guardians/Staff will complete a daily health questionnaire prior to entering the school building. The health questionnaire will screen for the following symptoms: fever, cough, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, runny nose, loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, headache, close contact or care for someone with COVID-19, and temperature.

    Parents/Guardians will be asked to self report via the attendance line any positive COVID-19 diagnosis and/or specific symptoms their child is exhibiting. The building nurse and administration will contact the parent/guardian to gather further detailed information. 

    Students and staff may return to face to face learning after the following requirements have been met: 

    • Untested Persons who have not received a test proving or disproving the presence of COVID-19, but are experiencing symptoms, may return with documentation from a licensed healthcare provider allowing staff/student to return to school based on diagnosis of an illness other than COVID-19 or if the following three conditions are met: 
      • They have not had a fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use of medicine that reduces fevers); 
      • Other symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath has improved); 
      • At least 10 calendar days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 
    • Tested Positive - Symptomatic Persons who experienced symptoms and have tested positive for COVID-19 may return to school if the individual has received two negative tests at least 24 hours apart or the following conditions are met: 
      • The individual no longer has a fever (without the use medicine that reduces fevers); 
      • Other symptoms have improved (for example, cough or shortness of breath have improved); 
      • At least 10 calendar days have passed since symptoms first appeared; 
    • Tested Positive - Asymptomatic Persons who have not had symptoms but test positive for COVID-19 may return when they have gone ten calendar days without symptoms and have been released by a healthcare provider. Students may also return if they are approved to do so in writing by the student’s health care provider. 

    Community Collaboration Considerations

    District 115 will continue to partner with Fox Valley YMCA in order to provide before and after school childcare services. The YMCA will continue to provide childcare services and are required to follow the IDPH and DCFS guidelines set forth.

    External visitors will be restricted to all District 115 school buildings. Facilities rentals will be considered to resume in Phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan. 

    District 115 will continue to work collaboratively with the Kendall County Health Department when determining COVID-19 related quarantine and classroom or school building closures. 



  • Team Leader:
    Melinda Lasky, LSW

    Sub Team Members:
    Dr. Katie Spallasso
    Kari Fisher
    Kurt Wendt

    Arlene Anderson
    Jamie Anderson
    Lisa Burki
    Tom Custer
    Leslie Kressin
    Brett Kueker
    Sopheap Mitchell
    Nika Morton
    Julie Mueller
    Elise Wagner