• Facility Considerations

    General Information

    • Students and employees will be required to wear masks during the school day on buses and in school buildings, (opportunities for “mask breaks” have been embedded into the school day).  
    • Classrooms may contain fewer students and different (or less) furniture in a new layout.
    • Time spent in different parts of the school building will be limited; time spent learning outdoors may increase.
    • Restrooms will have barriers installed between sinks/urinals.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at stations throughout the building. 
    • Hallways may have directional dividers. 
    • Decals will be on the floor identifying physical distancing requirements.


    Transportation Considerations

    General Information

    • Drivers and monitors will be required to wear masks and to complete a driver screening each day before work.
    • Buses will be cleaned and sanitized following each route using district-approved cleaning supplies.
    • Students will be required to submit a daily electronic health questionnaire (including a temperature reading) before boarding the bus.
    • Students will be required to wear masks on the bus. 
    • Buses will be limited to 50 or fewer occupants, and siblings riding on the same route will be expected to sit together.
    • Student Transportation will not be necessary if the school is in a full e-learning scenario
    • Buses will be used to deliver food and supplies to our free and reduced families as well as any families who request a special accommodation. 
    • Transportation will be provided to qualifying families, based on the attendance learning model chosen:


     Food Service Considerations

    • Lunch and recess times and locations have changed.
    • Expand meal pick-up from only at YHS to local schools to improve access to food for families.
    • Encourage more food deliveries to improve access to food for families.
    • Create a 5-day meal pack to reduce the number of times families have to pick up meals.
    • Food Service E-Learning Plan



  • Team Leader:
    Mindy Bradford, MBA

    Sub Team Leaders: 
    Heather DiVerde
    Michele Breyne
    Joe Fornell

    Steve Bjork
    Allyson Buczyna
    Rachel Davis
    Luke Engelhardt
    Mike Guzaldo
    Ryan Martinez
    Regi Olson
    Anna Toth
    Mike Vargas
    Kim Zahn