YMS Yearbook Club

Yearbook club
  • The purpose of Yearbook Club is to produce the yearbook.  However, you’ll also learn to use an SLR digital camera (Canon Rebel 7Ti), develop journalistic writing skills, and manage responsibility and deadlines.   

    This year we are growing our yearbook from 64 pages to more than 100 pages!  We have lots of work to do, and it will be much smoother in March if we work to keep up from the start!  

    Meetings take place in Mrs. Eaton’s room, 2325.

    Kids who attend 12 or more of these meetings will earn a free copy of the yearbook.  8-11 meetings can get a yearbook for ½ price, and fewer than 8 meetings attended will need to pay full price for their copy of the book.


    Yearbook Club Permission Form