Band Lesson Information

  • Every YMS Band student will have one band lesson a week. Band lessons help students become better musicians by developing your specific instrument skills, techniques, goal-setting abilities, and so much more.



    • Band lessons are held once a week
    • Band lessons will take place on the same day & at the same time each week
    • Band lessons will be held either during the student's band class or advisory class (students will not be pulled out of other classes for band lessons)  



    The music goals for technique classes will consist of:

    • Scales
    • Etudes (From Essential Elements Individual Studies pages 38-39)
    • Book Songs
    • Concert Music
    • Warm-Ups



    Students will need to bring all required band materials to their band lessons. This includes their instrument, music binder, Essential Elements Book 2, concert music, and at least one pencil.


    Lesson Goal Cards

    Following each lesson, a weekly goal card will be distributed and must be completed and turned in at the next lesson. The goal card should be filled in with checks, stars, and practice minutes.

    Location: Lessons held during advisory will meet in the band room or a practice room. Lessons during band will meet in a practice room or the teachers lounge.


    Playing Test Recordings

    • Playing tests are given approximately every other week
    • Chromebooks are used at home to submit a recording of the students' performing the playing test through Canvas
    • Playing tests are not completed at school



    Recordings are made in Canvas as a media file. 

    Grading Band lessons are worth 50 percent of the overall band grade.

    Scales                  25 percent of the band grade

    Etudes                  25 percent of the band grade

    A 69 percent or below on an assignment, will result in the students needing to redo the assignment.