Physical Education

  • The physical education staff at Yorkville High School strives to offer a comprehensive, fitness based physical education program. 

    Students come to Yorkville High School Academy where they follow a pre-determined curriculum of 18 weeks of freshmen PE and 18 weeks of general health. 

    The sophomore curriculum is one semester of Sophomore Heart Saver/CPR and one semester of either Drivers Education, Sophomore PE or Applied Personal Fitness. The Sophomore CPR class will equip students with lifesaving skills of CPR, how to relieve choking and how use an AED (automated external defibrillator). Students upon completion will receive their CPR/AED certification. Other units the Sophomore students will experience are team building, social dance, ultimate Frisbee, speed away, badminton, volleyball and bowling. 

    The junior/senior curriculum is comprised of a wide variety of choices from the categories of fitness, dance, individual and team sports, adapted PE, and non-traditional PE. Yorkville High School offers an Applied Personal Fitness class that is a strength and conditioning class highly recommended for student athletes. Body sculpt is a class that focus on fitness and the principals of muscular strength and body toning through core workouts, step aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and circuit training. The dance classes offered are designed for students interested in learning the basic technical, sensory, expressive and formal elements of dance. Students that enjoy a more traditional PE setting can sign up for team sports or lifetime PE. Students in team sports will participate in flag football, soccer, speedaway, ultimate Frisbee, lacrosse, cricket, softball, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and handball. Lifetime PE incorporates pickleball, bowling, badminton, golf, and Frisbee golf,. The adapted PE class that involves students assisting their peers that have special needs. Students have opportunities to assist in activities and work hands on with the special needs student population.  Non-traditional PE is a different type of physical education approach. The students will gain knowledge and insight into the following outdoor activities: fishing, archery, survival skills bowling and teambuilding activities.


    P.E. Courses

    • Adapted PE
    • Applied Personal Fitness
    • Body Sculpt
    • Dance
    • Driver Education
    • Freshman Physical Education
    • General Health
    • Junior Leaders
    • Lifetime Sports and Activities
    • Modern Team Sports
    • Peer Leadership in Adapted PE
    • Personal Power
    • Senior Leaders
    • Sophomore Physical Education
    • Sophomore PE/Heart Saver CPR
    • Traditional Team Sports