• The Yorkville High School Music Department is proud to offer the following courses.  The department continues to expand in both student participation and in course offerings.  We offer a growing number of performance-based and non-performance based courses that cater to the most novice musician as well as those who plan to pursue music as a career.  We hope that through offering these courses we provide our students an opportunity to grow as young musicians as well as develop an awareness and appreciation of music.

    General Music Courses

    • Advanced Instrumental/Vocal Study
    • AP Music Theory
    • Basic Piano Keyboarding
    • Introduction to Guitar

    Band Courses

    • Concert Band
    • Symphonic Band
    • Wind Symphony
    • Wind Ensemble


    Choir Courses

    • Bass Choir
    • Treble Choir
    • Madrigal Singers
    • Advanced Treble Choir
    • Concert Choir
    • Varsity Choir

    Orchestra Courses

    • Concert Orchestra
    • Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Symphony Orchestra

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    • A Cappella Choirs
    • Bell Choir
    • Chamber Strings
    • Jazz Band
    • Madrigal Players
    • Marching Band
    • Pit Orchestra
    • Spring Musical
    • Various Student Chamber Ensembles