• The English Department maintains the belief that the ability to communicate is one of the most essential skills for success beyond high school. In order to communicate effectively, one must be able to read for both understanding and inference, to write for a multitude of purposes, speak before groups in a variety of situations, and actively listen. In the three required English classes, all four of these skills are stressed through classroom activities, assignments, and assessments.

    English Courses

    • English I
    • English I - Honors
    • English II
    • English II - Honors
    • English III
    • English III - Honors
    • English IV (Literature: British, Modern, or Adventure); 1 semester only


     Elective English Courses

    • 21st Century Reading & Writing
    • Advanced Creative Writing
    • Advanced Reading & Composition
    • AP English Language & Composition
    • AP English Literature & Composition
    • Composition & Discussion
    • Creative Writing
    • English 101 & 102 (Dual Credit)
    • Film as Literature
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature
    • Introduction to Philosophy
    • Journalism & Publication Production
    • World Literature