Computer Science

  • Computer Science is one of the fastest growing fields in the country, which makes sense since almost every aspect of our lives has been somehow affected by the growth of computers. The Department of Computer Science will help students analyze and solve computer problems. Many of the world's problems can be solved or helped by technology, and computer scientists are needed to create the software that runs that technology. 

    The Computer Applications courses will teach students how to utilize specific computer applications such as spreadsheet software or web design software to complete projects while the Computer Science courses cover the basics of computer science that will help students become better analytical thinkers and computer scientists who can contribute to any career field with their computer science knowledge.


    Computer Applications Courses

    • Computer Applications I
    • Computer Applications II
    • Web Design I
    • Web Design II for Designers


    Computer Science Courses

    • AP Computer Science
    • Computer Programming I
    • Honors Computer Programming I
    • Computer Programming II: Game Design
    • Web Design II for Developers
    • Computer Science Advanced Studies (Choice of Strand)
      • Strand 1: App Development
      • Strand 2: Computer Security
      • Strand 3: Database Programming
      • Strand 4:  Network Programming
      • Strand 5:  Operating System Design
      • Strand 6:  Programming Challenges
      • Strand 7:  User-Interface Design