Naviance, Scholarships & Financial Aid


  • Navigating Naviance:

    Naviance is an online tool to assist Yorkville High School students with college and career planning. Once logged on, students will find numerous functions to help them with the college and career search and selection process: 

    • My Game Plan helps focus your college search by asking a series of questions that you may not have yet considered about college. Knowing more about yourself will help you find schools that fit. This insight can further assist your counselor in helping you develop a game plan to achieve your goals.
    • College Search enables you to create a target list of schools in terms of size, location, major, etc. from a pool of more than 3,600 schools. (This feature is active only for student accounts.)
    • My Colleges provides you (and your counselor) with an electronic list of colleges in which you are interested. This component of the program compares your academic data to Yorkville High School graduates who were accepted to the schools on your list.
    • My Resume is a place to keep a tally of your activities. This feature will help you to complete the activities portion of some college applications in addition to serving to keep your counselor apprised of your accomplishments. 
    • Students may register through Naviance to meet with a college admission representative in the College & Career Center. Login to Naviance and visit Colleges > Research Colleges > College Visits

  • How to Log In:


    Type in your Yorkville e-mail address, which is your ID number followed by       

    For example:

    Your Naviance password is: 'naviance'

    You are encouraged to change this password after your initial log-on to Naviance.


    YHS College & Career Center
    Room D129

    It is never too early to start the scholarship search process. Please review the tips below to help you in your search.

    • Visit the Naviance website ( and click Colleges > Scholarships and Money > Scholarship List. The site will include an updated list of local scholarships. Check this REGULARLY to see when new scholarships become available to YHS students. National scholarship databases are also available on the page and allow students to create profiles to help narrow down potential scholarships (browse under the category: CCC Scholarship Resource).
    • Check scholarships advertised at the local public library.
    • Inquire with foundations, religious groups, community organizations, local businesses, and civic groups if they provide scholarships. Being a part of an organization offers another opportunity to connect to potential scholarships.
    • Look into organizations within a specific field of study as the organizations (including professional associations) may have opportunities to support students working toward a specific career path.
    • Check scholarship opportunities that support specific ethnicities or unique background situations.
    • Ask if there are scholarships available through a student’s or his/her parent’s workplace.
    • Once accepted into a college/university, look into any scholarship options for newly admitted students. Some scholarships are automatic based on a student’s application, but often there are additional scholarships for which students can apply.
    • DO NOT apply for a scholarship that charges a fee in order to apply. Scholarships will not require a financial contribution as part of the application process.

Financial Aid

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