Principal Message

  • Hi, I am Melinda Hafenrichter and I am proud to be the Principal of Yorkville Grade School.

    This year marks my 18th year in Yorkville.  My journey in Yorkville began as a classroom teacher before transitioning to leadership roles 8 years ago.  My husband is a Yorkville teacher and both of my children attend Yorkville Schools.  We are a Fox family through and through!

    Yorkville Grade School is one of the oldest elementary schools in the district and we are proud to live by the motto, Small School, Big Love.  We live this motto through our interactions with students and that as a school with a student population around 200 our staff truly has the ability to get to know our students.

    Our students embrace our Core Values of being Safe, Kind, and Ready.  We talk about these values during classroom morning meetings and throughout daily interactions. Our students are regularly recognized for following these values and our staff works together to make sure our students are supported socially, emotionally, and academically.

    At Yorkville Grade School we are proud to sponsor Fox Clubs, which are free after-school clubs that help bring connections to our staff and students. Currently, we offer Fox Sports and Fox Zen Den.  Our school also sponsors a student council club for 3rd grade students. We welcome parent volunteers to YGS and are fortunate to be partnered with  a very supportive Parent Teacher organization.  

    When entering through our doors, we want you, your family, and your student or students to feel comfortable, safe, and have a sense of belonging and community.  Be assured that their voices are heard, their energy is felt, and we have an amazing staff that supports  your whole child.  

    It is my honor and privilege to welcome you and your child to Yorkville Grade School. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me via phone or email. 

    Thank you… and go Foxes!