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  • Yorkville Middle School is a grade seven and eight school that embraces the middle school philosophy by supporting the cognitive, physical, and social emotional needs of the middle level learner. The learning environment is structured with routines and procedures yet flexible to individual student needs. Teachers challenge and stretch student thinking and encourage students to persevere through these challenges.      

    While students are part of the larger whole school community, students are also a part of a much smaller school community through their academic teams. A team of teachers share not only the same location in the building, but the same students. Teachers’ schedules allow for collaborative curriculum and instructional professional discussions as well as for individual student problem solving through the RtI process. 

    Students participate in math, science, social studies, and physical education/health courses. English Language Arts (ELA) is offered in a double block of time. Students may receive additional support through interventions for reading, math, and executive functioning. Students have an opportunity to participate in one of three levels of Spanish, art, band, orchestra, choir, and four exploratory courses.

    YMS staff members and students strive for a community of kindness and compassion. Advisory lessons support this as well as provide students an opportunity to develop stronger executive functioning skills. Advisory also provides an opportunity for students to receive additional support from a core teacher and to develop skills needed for college and career readiness.

    Yorkville Middle School encourages all students to connect to their school outside of the school day. YMS clubs are designed to meet the wide range of middle school interests. Twelve different sports are offered to students with a focus on skill development. YMS coaches partner and collaborate with the Yorkville High School varsity coaches. YMS athletic teams also participate in a community service project that supports the school's goal in building champions both on and off the field! 

    The support and partnership of YMS parents is a critical component to the students’ success, and all levels of parent involvement at Yorkville Middle School is appreciated. Parents are encouraged to join the school's monthly PTO meetings. 

    Students are ever changing physically and academically as well as in the area of their social emotional needs. YMS staff members pride themselves in understanding the whole student and where they need to be on their high school graduation day. Yorkville Middle School is a great place to be a middle school student.

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      YMS Mascot/Logo