Portrait of a Learner

  • Creative, Adaptive, Independent, Collaborative, Analytical, Socially & Globally Responsible As part of the District 115 Strategic Plan, the Portrait of a Learner is focused on the desired knowledge, skills, and abilities of the District 115 school community.


    • Uses critical thinking skills to broaden understanding
    • Reflects on own learning process through written and oral communication
    • Explores additional information for advanced learning


    • Demonstrates curiosity of new ideas or concepts
    • Applies emerging technology to learn and share ideas
    • Expresses thoughts and emotions meaningfully


    • Employs various modes of learning
    • Explores new experiences to convey understanding and concepts
    • Flexible to change


    • Develops accountability for thoughts and actions
    • Uses critical reasoning skills to determine appropriate solutions
    • Shows strong understanding and belief in self to engage in reflection for improvement


    • Encourages and is open to teamwork
    • Shares thoughts and ideas with others
    • Demonstrates effective communication skills

    Socially and Globally Responsible:

    • Recognizes local and global issues impacting society
    • Respects different viewpoints
    • Serves the community through civic engagement