Reading and Literacy



    Welcome to Reading & Literacy

    District 115 has a reading program based on sound research that facilitates student learning. Yorkville students have access to a wide variety of reading materials and demonstrate literacy success in a myriad of ways. Comprehension strategies are taught and applied across the curriculum and listening, speaking, and writing are integrated into and support the reading program. Special services provided by highly-qualified reading specialists are provided for students with reading difficulties. Yorkville encourages community and family literacy activities which occur both inside and outside of school. English Language Arts Curriculum


    Balanced Literacy

    Yorkville utilizes a balanced literacy framework to meet the needs of learners. Within this framework teachers scaffold the literacy support provided to students. Teachers gradually release their support in reading, writing, and word work so that students can become successful readers and writers. Each day students participate in a balanced variety of reading and writing activities. Literacy Framework


    Literacy Coaching

    The Yorkville School District utilizes literacy coaching to build teacher capacity, sustainability, and to improve student learning. Literacy coaches work directly with classroom teachers using The Targeted Coaching Model (Elish-Piper & L’Allier, 2016). This model provides research based support in five key areas: conferencing with teachers, working with assessments, modeling instruction, observing lessons, and co-planning with teachers. 

    The International Literacy Association: Multiple Roles of School-Based Specialized Literacy Professionals

    Parent Resources

    District 115 is committed to creating opportunities for parent education and learning. We know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. Listed below are a variety of resources to assist parents as they support their children’s reading development.