• The Department of Technology is responsible for the infrastructure, hardware, and software that enable students to learn in a digital environment. The Executive Director of Technology oversees the department, and reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Instruction. 

    The responsibilities of the Department of Technology include: 

    • Computer Maintenance and Repair
    • Network Architecture and Support
    • Phone System Architecture and Support
    • Student Information System
    • Technology Hardware and Software
    • Technology Infrastructure

    In 2016, D115 approved a multi-year Personalized Learning Plan aimed to integrate technology into the classroom and give students access to digital learning while having greater flexibility and collaboration opportunities. Today, the Yorkville Technology Department supports nearly 7,000 1:1 student Chromebooks, and over 1,500 staff laptops.

    Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the student Chromebook Handbook. Students, staff, and parents/guardians can request technical assistance by emailing support@y115.bossdesk.io.