Office of the Superintendent


    The seven-member board of education hires a superintendent of schools to oversee the day-to-day functions of the school district. The following administrators report directly to the superintendent:

    • Associate Superintendent of Human Resources and Business Development
    • Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Instruction (PreK-6) 
    • Director of Communications
    • Innovation Project Manager


    District 115 Families,

    As we have come back from the pandemic and are experiencing one of the most typical starts we have seen in recent years, we continue our journey of providing engaging and new learning opportunities for the approximately 7,000 students we serve. Our path is sure to be filled with great wonder, opportunity, excitement, and the gratification that comes with serving the students and community of District 115.

    The District 115 Strategic Plan was updated in recent years, providing a vision and roadmap for the learning experiences, environment, and partnerships that will define our work through 2023. Through the Strategic Plan, our school community and Board of Education have given us direction; a direction that has been shaped by feedback, great hopes for District 115, and much consideration for the needs of our learners, staff, and schools for the 21st century. Our new direction is framed around four new District 115 goals:

    Student Success: Connected to the academic, social-emotional, and essential skills for post-secondary experiences.

    Community of Learners: Emphasis on personalizing experiences for staff and students, opportunities of professional growth and development for our educators, and ensuring greater stakeholder voice and ownership.

    Partnership with Home & Community: Focus on increased communication, transparency, and two-way connections with our supportive school community.

    Operational Excellence: Speaks to our service level in supporting our school community through technology, building/grounds, fiscal responsibility, and greater alignment to the resources and desired outcomes as defined within our strategic plan.

    Each of our goals is broadly defined and will allow for the work and implementation of action plans and strategies to occur.

    District 115 is fortunate to have such a talented and passionate team of educators working with our students. We strongly believe that our journey as a district is sealed in the belief that one individual life influences another. As we move through our year, we all will come across students, parents, colleagues, and community members who will forever have a profound impact on our own life’s journey, and on the ultimate success of our schools and district. The professionals serving our schools are jointly committed to learning, growing, working in partnership with our community, and never being satisfied with the status quo.

  • Department Staff


    Dr. James Gay
    Interim Superintendent of Schools
    Ext. 4398

    Dr. Timothy Kilrea
    Interim Superintendent of Schools
    Ext. 4397

    Cathy Anderson
    Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 4704