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Home Access Center

The Home Access Center (HAC) provides families with 24/7 access to their child’s academic information. Research supports that students perform better in school when their parents are proactively involved in their education. Timely and detailed communication through the Home Access Center can increase the partnership between home and school.

Through Home Access Center, all parents/guardians with students in grades K through 12 can view attendance information. Parents/guardians with students in grades 4 through 12 can also view attendance information, classwork, grade summaries, interim progress reports, daily summary, and their children’s schedule. All of this is in a password-protected environment.

Enter Home Access Center

How To Use Home Access Center

You should have received a letter with the information that will allow you to register for Home Access Center. If you did not receive this letter please contact your child's school.

  1. Open the home access center web page at https://hac.y115.org/homeaccess
  2. Click the link to the right of the login box that says "If you do not have a username and password for Home Access Center, you can register by clicking here."
  3. Fill out the form with your information (parent's information, not child's information).
  4. At the top of the next form you can choose your own username.
  5. You will then be asked to create two security questions and answers. These will be used when you set your password. (Example questions could be anything such as: What was my high school? or Where was I born?)
  6. You will then get a message stating that an email has been sent to you. Please check your email for the link to set your password.
  7. Open the link in your email and answer the two security questions.
  8. Choose a password. Your password must be 8-20 characters long.

You will then enter the Home Access Center. You may use this username and password every time you return. Each guardian may create their own login. Students in grades 8 through 12 will receive their own logins. Thank you for taking the time to register. If you have any questions please contact your child's school for help.

Tracking Your Student's Progress

The Home Access Center (HAC) provides families instant access to their child’s academic information, including individual classroom assignments, test scores, and grades. Please remember that scores are only shown in HAC once entered by the teacher. Certain assignments such as tests, projects, or lengthy papers may take a longer period of time to be updated. Should you have questions related to specific assignments and grades, please ask you child first, and then contact the teacher should further questions need to be addressed.

We encourage parents/guardians to use HAC with their child and continue to communicate about their academic performance and progress within each of their classes.

Multiple Children

If you only have one child in the district, their summary page will appear. If you have multiple children in the district, a list of all of them will appear. Click on the name of the child you wish to view. 

If you do not see all of your children listed when you login to the Home Access Center, please contact the school of the child who is not listed, and the school personnel will adjust the information in the system to correct the problem. 

To view a different child, click on the My Students link. This will take you to the list of your children available for viewing.

Navigation of Home Access Center

SCHEDULE - Detailed (middle school & high school only) view of child’s courses, class times and teachers.

ATTENDANCE  - View month-by-month attendance record. Placing the mouse arrow over any colored date will display information about an absence or tardy incident. 

CLASSWORK - View class assignments, scores received for each assignment, and the student’s overall grade summary/average. 

INTERIM PROJECT REPORTS - Electronic version of the student’s progress throughout the course. This electronic interim progress report will be available prior to receiving the communication via mail. 

REPORT CARD - Electronic version of the student’s report card at the end of each term for grades 4 through 12. This electronic report card will be available online before you receive as copy in the mail. 

REGISTRATION - Basic information regarding the student including birth date, grade level, gender, and counselor.

MY PROFILE - Change your password or your challenge questions.

MY ALERTS - Show any alerts you have set up in the Attendance section.


Why does nothing happens when I click a link? - Make sure that you have set this website to always allow pop-ups from this site.

What happens if I forget my login information? - Contact your child's school.

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