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On the Website and Within Articles

Some articles on our site allow you to provide feedback. At the bottom of some articles you will see a feedback section.  We don't ask for feedback on every article so when you see it know that we are truly seeking your input. PLEASE take advantage of the opportunity.

How does it work?  

  • Click on "Post your feedback on this topic"
  • Complete the screen and indicate whether or not you want your name to appear with the feedback
  • Click the "Save" button to send your feedback to a moderator
  • Feedback goes to a moderator who will either post or reject your feedback
  • You will be notified if your feedback was posted or rejected
  • If feedback is posted, it will appear at the bottom of the article

Now that you know it's there and how it works start out by letting us know what you think of the new website. You can always email site suggestions to the webmaster, Derek Miller, at demiller@y115.org.

Y115.org Feedback

Date Subject Posted by:
10/28/2011 Please leave your feedback for us about the new website or send me an email with suggestions. We really appreciate your comments. Derek Miller demiller@y115.org Yorkville, IL Webmaster
12/20/2011 Looks great! One thing...Julie Tholen is listed on the YIS teacher pages and I believe she is middle school...thank you!
Noelle Fahey
YIS 5th Grade Teacher
12/21/2011 I looked at links to teacher pages on YMS website. All of Mr. Janssen's links sent me to a SOCS central sevices log-in page. Just wanted to check the A team basketball schedule on his link.
A. L.

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