Yorkville CUSD 115

Cultivating learners who apply skills and experiences to enrich society.

Y115 School Board Members

Illinois Boards of Education

BOE 2016

In Illinois, public education is the state’s constitutional responsibility. The state delegates to local school boards the authority to govern school districts within the parameters set by state law. Boards of Education consist of seven school district residents elected to serve four-year terms without pay.

Although the Board is politically responsible to district voters, it is legally responsible to the state.

    Dave Dockstader
    Current Term: 2013-2017

Vice President
    Dr. Lynn Burks
    Current Term: 2015-2019

    Ashley Shields
    Current Term: 2015-2019

Board Members
    Dr. Robert Brenart
    Current Term: 2013-2017

    Dean Fisher
    Current Term: 2013-2017

    Jason Senffner
    Current Term: 2013-2017

    Tom Kozlowicz
    Current Term: 2015-2019


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