Yorkville CUSD 115

Cultivating learners who apply skills and experiences to enrich society.


Responsibilities of the Teaching and Learning Department

Facilitate the development and articulation of all PreK-12 Curricula and Instructional Approaches districtwide, including the following:
  • Support, create, and facilitate the curriculum process
  • Establish and recommend new course proposals
  • Facilitate a process for textbook adoptions and resource selection which supports curricula development, best practice related to instruction, and student achievement
  • Develop, implement, and oversee unique learning opportunities for students including
    • Gifted Education
    • Accelerated Learning
    • Response to Intervention (RtI)
    • Personalized Learning Opportunities
      • Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)
      • Learning Studios
      • Online and Blended Learning
  • Oversee curricular programs, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) and the Integrated Global Studies School (IGSS), including program director/principals
  • Oversee Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities
  • Guide and support the instructional technology team to identify the steps needed to meet strategic goals
  • Develop, implement, and facilitate a vision for literacy development through the establishment of literacy coaching
    • Chair and lead the work of the Curriculum Coordinating Council

    • Collaborate and work closely with the Technology Department to develop and implement a technology plan that encourages student learning, improved student achievement, and flexible scheduling

    • Establish and maintain a budget that takes into account the total cost of implementing technology and instructional solutions to support curricular efforts and needs.

    • Develop and oversee the comprehensive professional development program districtwide. This includes budgeting, planning and coordinating ongoing, purposeful, professional development for staff using new technologies, instructional strategies, and the alignment to all new laws and policies related to teacher development and evaluation.  All of this is accomplished in conjunction with the other district departments. 

  • Develop, communicate, implement, and oversee new teacher induction program
  • Oversees State Licensure and Issuance of Evidence of Completion certificates for professional development.
    • Direct a program of recruitment, retention, supervision, development, and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of all personnel within the Department of Teaching and Learning.

    • Encourage a collaborative process for school improvement through district and building discussions that promote data driven conversations highlighting student achievement, teacher needs, and a spirit of growth for all learners

    • Oversee local, standardized, and college admission testing

    • Oversee the establishment of integrating, gathering, analyzing, and reporting data in useful and meaningful ways to all stakeholders.

    • Oversee the creation, implementation, and enforcement of district policies and educational programs related to academic, social, legal, and ethical issues within the Department of Teaching and Learning.

    • Coordination of 504 student needs including the following

  • Training of all administrators
  • Support for 504 plan development, implementation, and communication
  • Development and monitoring of all 504 procedures and supports
  • Facilitating grievance procedures
    • Guide all purchasing decisions and assist in determining the "return on investment" for all initiatives and programs implemented, and fosters good relationships with vendors, potential investors and other key groups.

    • Cultivate opportunities for students and staff through the supervision and development of grant opportunities.  This includes actively pursuing and securing alternative sources of funding in order to maximize benefits within limited resources.

  • Support career and technical education programs and administers Perkins and CTEI grants
  • Develop and/or oversees all Title grants
  • Manage, obtain, and oversee all other grants