Yorkville CUSD 115

Cultivating learners who apply skills and experiences to enrich society.

Curriculum Coordinating Council

The Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC) is a representative group of district personnel that advises the Board of Education, through the superintendent, in matters concerning curriculum, instruction, and student learning.  The CCC makes recommendations regarding staff development, directs the work of committees, and makes recommendations to the teaching and learning department. 

In 2014, the CCC began research that led to the development of the Comprehensive Learning and Grading Plan, which outlines the district's educational philosophy. The goal of the plan is to focus on student learning rather than academic behaviors.  We value consistency of instructional practice throughout our district. We believe in providing students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery of content.  


Committee Members

Bachewicz, Kelly
Badger, Ashley
Baughman, Nick 
Breyne, Michele
Burks, Lynn 
Cobarruvias, Yesenia
Condon, Melissa
aber, Kristin
Fahey, Noelle
Flodberg, Andrea
Gambro, Beth
Hosey, Tracey
Hill, Pamela
Isabelli, Gina
Johnson, Mayra
Johnson, Megan
Larson, Kimber
McHugh, Stephanie
Miller, Derek
Murillo, Amy
Penn, Bethany
Shimp, Tim
Siebert, Heather
Strandell, Alison
Strauss, Katherine
Venetucci, Martha
Waldvogel, Jennifer
Warren, Christine